Meet two Friend's...
Marcus & Teisha

 The Birth  and Launch of but  God  Life

Everyone, whether they acknowledge it or not, has a “but God” testimony. There are some could’ve, should’ve, would’ve moments that had the potential to literally change our fate! There were people who wanted us to fail and like Joseph’s brothers, in Genesis 37, some even contributed to your hardships. If your enemies had their way you would not be here…”but God!” The but God Life brand was birthed in the heart of God’s son and servant, Marcus Friend, by way of a divine dream. The dream is gracefully becoming a reality, thus the launch of but God Life products and paraphernalia. Once awakened, the dream transitioned into a vision.

There yet remained a need to put legs to it and bring it into fruition. So with a lot of prayer mixed with hard work, dedication, sacrifice and determination the challenge was not only accepted but confronted. What you are now witnessing is the birth and launch of an opportunity by way of our custom art, novelties, paraphernalia, jewelry and other products for everyone’s “but God” testimony to be told in their own way at their own convenience. We believe there is a “but God” testimony in all of us; a testimony that is ongoing; whereby, causing us to live a but God Life. The enemy had a plan for you… “but God!” Your haters counted you out… “but God!” Life’s challenges would have consumed you… “but God!” Join us in a daily commitment to living the but God life.

“You intended to harm me, but God…”

-Genesis 50:20

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